Tools And Resources – The More We Know, The More We Can Help

We are a team with our clients. Stephens & Margolin LLP has prepared the following forms to inform clients about the legal process, and to gather information to help.

To use the interactive forms, right click on the form with your mouse and download it to your desktop. Once the form is filled out on your desktop, click the “email” button in the top right corner of the first page. If your email account is not associated with Acrobat, you will need to follow the instructions that pop up in order to send the form to our office.

Consultation Forms

  • If you are coming in to consult about an existing or potential modification case, please fill out our  “Modification Worksheet.”

Child Support

Child support in Oregon is calculated using an online calculator. For a link to the Oregon Child Support Calculator, click here.

Parenting Guidelines During Divorce

Parenting can be challenging at any time, and even more so during divorce. We have prepared a letter containing guidelines for how to parent at your best during divorce, custody, and parenting time cases.  “Divorce And Custody Parent Guidelines.”

Parenting Plans

If your case involves allocating time with children, the court will require that you have a parenting plan. It can be general or detailed, but it must specify the minimum amount of time a child will have with the non-custodial parent. Many clients with children find it helpful to fill out a parenting plan survey to explore different options in sharing children. . “Parenting Plan Worksheet

Printable Family Law Statutes:

An Overview of the Divorce Process Overview:

During divorce, it can be hard to see the forest from the trees. To help you see the big picture, and understand the divorce process better, we have prepared a “divorce primer.” A Primer On Divorce In Oregon

Parenting Classes

In cases involving children, all parents must register for and complete a county specific parenting class.

  • Click here for information and registration for the Multnomah County ‘s class called “Parents Helping Children Cope with Family Change”
  • Click here for information and registration for the Clackamas County class called “Parent Education Program.”
  • Click here for information and registration for the Washington class called “Kids Turn.”

Uninsured Medical Expenses

Parents usually divide unreimbursed or uninsured medical expenses, like co-pays. Use this form to track your uninsured medical expenses for reimbursement.  Uninsured-Expense-Reimbursement-Form