Our world and work are becoming more global. It is increasingly  common for a custodial parent to  relocate children away from the other parent.  Under Oregon State law, a parent almost always must give notice of their intent to move.  The non-moving parent then has the opportunity to contest the relocation.

Our attorneys can advise you if you are seeking to relocate with your child, or if you are given notice of the custodial parent’s intent to relocate. Many “move away” cases resolve through negotiation or mediation, but contested relocation cases are amongst the most difficult and emotionally challenging family law cases.  We can assist you in planning a move, or in preventing the relocation of your children.

The family law attorneys at Stephens & Margolin LLP  have successfully represented many clients in relocation actions. If you are the custodial parent of your child and intend to relocate your residence, or if you are a parent who has received a notice of an intended relocation, we invite you to contact our office for an appointment to discuss your rights and obligations.