Prenuptial, Postnuptial, & Cohabition Agreements

People contemplating marriage may have concerns about the potential for divorce, and what a court might do regarding spousal support, and the division of assets and liabilities. Many people contemplating marriage want to have a plan for how assets and liabilities would be divided in the event of death or divorce. The Oregon legislature has adopted the “Uniform Premarital Agreement Act”, which allows a couple entering marriage to contract for how the division of assets and liabilities and spousal support will be handled if the marriage ends in divorce. If you are seeking security at the beginning of your marriage, or need a proposed prenuptial agreement reviewed, we can help.

A Postnuptial Agreement is a similar agreement to a prenuptial, but signed after a couple has already married when there is not an imminent divorce. While not recognized by statute, some couples elect to sign a postnuptial agreement to give them some predictability in the event of divorce. If you are seeking security after marriage, or need a proposed postnuptial agreement reviewed, we can help.

A Marital Settlement Agreement is a formal contract entered into by a married couple who is planning on divorcing in the near future and wants to insure the outcome of the divorce. Having a marital settlement agreement in place makes the divorce process much easier and less expensive.

We also offer a Collaborative Process model for formal agreement drafting.  In the Collaborative Model, both spouses or prospective spouses have an initial meeting with one of our attorneys and with another attorney.  Both attorneys provide their specific view of what the agreement means both legally and conceptually and assist their individual client in having the agreement meet his/her needs while still respecting the relationship as a whole.  This is just one of the many services that we as a firm provide to our clients to assist in solving their specific family law problem.

The lawyers at Stephens & Margolin LLP have experience drafting all manner of formal agreements regarding divorce and family law in Oregon.  If you need to prepare or analyse a formal agreement, we invite you to contact our office for an appointment.