Modifications: Parenting Plan

Parenting plans make provisions for how parents will share the residential schedule of the children, how parents will make decisions concerning the children, how parents will resolve disputes between one another concerning the children and the parenting plan, and other important provisions that will guide the co-parenting relationship.  Oregon law requires a parenting plan in court cases involving parenting time. The parenting plan may be general or detailed, but it must say how much time, at a minimum, the children will spend with the non-custodial parent.  Parenting plans are court orders. These orders may be entered by agreement, or by a court at the conclusion of a hearing or trial.

Parenting plans can be modified by the court based on the children’s best interests.  Parenting plan modifications can be resolved by agreement, or by a court after a hearing or trial.

Stephens & Margolin LLP attorneys have successfully represented many clients in parenting plan modifications.   If you have questions concerning your parenting plan, if you need to modify an existing parenting plan, or if you have been served with a motion to modify your parenting plan, we invite you to contact our office for an appointment.