Modifications: Child Support

Under Oregon State family law, child support may be periodically adjusted to account for changes in circumstances between the parties in a child support modification action. Child support obligations may be modified based on a number of factors including changes in income and parenting schedule.  The Oregon Department of Justice hosts a web based Oregon child support calculator that can be viewed here:

The number produced by the formula is presumed to be correct, however, there are many “rebuttal” factors that may affect the final support amount.

The divorce and family law lawyers at Stephens & Margolin LLP have extensive experience in representing parties in child support modifications, including cases where income is hard to determine. Calculating the correct income to use for support can be challenging when one parent is self employed, employed by a family company, employed less than full time, earning income from investments, or  where one or both parties have extraordinary income. These are just some of the situations that Stephens & Margolin LLP family law attorneys have skill in handling.