High Net Worth Divorce

High net worth divorce cases are more complex and require a great deal more sophisticated lawyering than standard divorce cases, especially when one or more of the following are involved:

  • A business is involved: The wealth involved is related to a business, business interests, or other assets that must be valued.  Valuation usually involves expert opinions. Success in a case involving business interests may come down to a battle of experts.   Choosing and working with the right expert is critical.
  • Forensic accounting is needed: The financial holdings or history of the parties are so complex that detailed forensic research or tracing is required to determine the extent of the property, or to determine if there are hidden assets.
  • The case requires a team of experts: The facts are so complex that  the attorney must identify a variety of legal, finance, accounting and tax related issues relative to business interests, real estate, collections, benefit plans, and other types of properties and interests, and then assemble and manage a successful team of experts to prepare and present the case.
  • Assets are located in other states or internationally.
  • The case requires tax analysis for alternative settlement scenarios.
  • The case involves a high family income and there is risk exposure for either party regarding spousal support.
  • One or both sides employ combative tactics in discovery, negotiation, mediation, and / or litigation.

High asset divorce cases can be stressful and resource intensive for both the client and the attorney.   An attorney must have professional determination, endurance, and sufficient law firm resources to deploy to effectively  represent clients in these cases.   Your selection of counsel can make all the difference in high asset cases.

Firm partners Sean Stephens and Daniel Margolin have extensive experience in  cases with marital property net worth of $1 million and over, as well as other matters involving complex property or financial issues.