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Contempt Of Court for Parenting Time Violations

As a family law lawyer, I am always surprised how casually some parents take a parenting plan. We hear a lot of stories about the other parent disregarding terms of the parenting plan.  We hear complaints of the other parent … Continue reading

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Statutory discovery – what is it?

“Discovery” is the process of obtaining information about the other side’s case. Divorcing parties have a right to see the other side’s financial cards. There are many formal ways to get the other side’s financial documents. For example, you can … Continue reading

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Divorce Tech: The YouTube Divorce

Law.com had an interesting post about Phillip Smith’s divorce from his wife, Tricia Walsh-Smith in Manhattan. The case is an example of technology being misused in divorce. Apparently Ms. Walsh-Smith had made a rather embarrassing video about her intimate life … Continue reading

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Can I get custody of my child now if he or she is in danger?

As family law attorneys based in Portland, Oregon, we talk to a lot of parents with safety concerns about the other parent’s home. We hear questions about how to get custody quickly, or change a parenting plan quickly if a … Continue reading

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