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News: Survey by Institute For Divorce Financial Analysts shows economy impacting divorce decisions

The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts published the results of an interesting survey on June 11, 2009. In a collaborative case or a traditional case, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™) can forecast the long-term effects of the proposed divorce … Continue reading

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Expedited Parenting Time Enforcement

We previously blogged about contempt of court as a tool for parenting plan violations.  Contempt is a broad remedy for violations of court orders, but is has some shortcomings for enforcing parenting plan violations.  The burden of proof is higher … Continue reading

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Statutory discovery – what is it?

“Discovery” is the process of obtaining information about the other side’s case. Divorcing parties have a right to see the other side’s financial cards. There are many formal ways to get the other side’s financial documents. For example, you can … Continue reading

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Divorce Tech: The YouTube Divorce

Law.com had an interesting post about Phillip Smith’s divorce from his wife, Tricia Walsh-Smith in Manhattan. The case is an example of technology being misused in divorce. Apparently Ms. Walsh-Smith had made a rather embarrassing video about her intimate life … Continue reading

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Top Ten List: Top 10 ways to do well in your divorce case

As a Portland, Oregon based family law firm we field a lot of questions from potential clients about how to “succeed” in a divorce case. One message that surprises many people is that there are seldom any clear winners in … Continue reading

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News: Divorce rate up in China.

China View reports today that China’s civil affair department registered an increase in marriages and divorces in 2007. Approximately 1.4 million couples divorced last year, a year on year increase of 18.2 percent, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. … Continue reading

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Collaborative Divorce

Having a trial is a way, but not the only way to resolve your case. There are many tools available for resolving your case other than a trial. Good family law lawyers are problem solvers, and the good ones recommend … Continue reading

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Divorce Myths: Divorce always takes a long time.

Some divorces do take many months, or over a year, but this is a result of the process and conflicts and not mandated by the divorce statutes. The length of your case usually depends on how your case resolves. Many … Continue reading

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New Case Law: Bankruptcy and divorce don’t mix well.

On December 5, 2007, the Oregon Court of Appeals in Cam and Cam, _____ Or App _____ (2007) upheld a trial court’s ruling setting aside a divorce judgment, but said the court got the result right but the reasons wrong. … Continue reading

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10 things to do if you are going to get divorced.

There is no substitute for planning, and planning for your divorce can make the process go smother, lower your lawyers fees, and help ensure you emerge on the other end of the case ready to move forward, and with the … Continue reading

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