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At what age can a child decide custody/parenting time?

This is a trick question.  There is no age at which a child can make these decisions, until he/she turns 18 and the court no longer has jurisdiction over them. There are, however, a few methods by which a child … Continue reading

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MTV’s documentary series “True Life” doing show about divorce – Casting call!

As divorce and family lawyers in Portland, Oregon, we see the impact that divorce can have on parents and children.   While our client’s stories are confidential and private, I think a lot of people would benefit from seeing a … Continue reading

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Divorce Myth: Your spouse can block a divorce by objecting to it.

A “myth” we come across with surprising frequency is that you need your spouses’ consent to get a divorce. As an Oregon divorce and family law lawyer, I am repeatedly surprised by the number of people who believe spousal consent … Continue reading

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Divorce Myths: Everything must go before we are divorced!

A surprisingly common “divorce myth” we hear in our practice is that division of property must happen before the couple is divorced. There is no such rule! The court’s power to divide property after a divorce is defined in ORS … Continue reading

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Divorce Myths: Divorce always takes a long time.

Some divorces do take many months, or over a year, but this is a result of the process and conflicts and not mandated by the divorce statutes. The length of your case usually depends on how your case resolves. Many … Continue reading

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