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New Case Law: Attorney Fees – Arbitration vs. Appeal

As a Portland Oregon divorce lawyer, it is important to keep up to date on Oregon Court of Appeals and Oregon Supreme Court opinions. As a service of The Oregon Divorce Blog, we will be providing updates as new opinions … Continue reading

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Divorce Myths: The differences bewteen an annulment, legal separation, and a divorce

As a divorce lawyer practicing in Portland, Oregon, one common myth I hear is that annulments offer substantially different relief than divorces. Another version of the myth is that legal separations offer substantially different relief than divorces or annulments. The … Continue reading

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Divorce Myths: The court will want to hear about my spouse’s fault.

Many clients, in the first meeting, ask me what effect will their spouse’s bad acts have on the case. We hear about many human problems, from alcohol and drug addiction to abuse to adultery. We are frequently asked will they … Continue reading

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Divorce Myths: I can move to Oregon and file for divorce immediately.

A surprisingly common “divorce myth” we hear in our practice is the belief that you can file for divorce immediately on moving to Oregon (or any state.) Oregon, like most states, has a residency requirement you must meet before you … Continue reading

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New Case Law: how to ask for your attorney fees the right way.

As a Portland based firm representing divorce clients in Oregon, we are always interested in what the Oregon Court of Appeals says regarding attorney fees. We previously blogged about how in many types of family law cases you have the … Continue reading

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Divorce Myths: My ex will have to pay for my attorney fees.

Based on questions we hear from clients, there is a lot of confusion about who ultimately has to pay for attorney fees. The belief that the opposing party will have to pay some of your fees isn’t exactly a myth, … Continue reading

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Who gets to claim the child tax exemption?

Clients often come to me asking whether they or their ex-spouse/unmarried parent of their child can claim their joint child as a dependents for tax purposes and receive the dependent tax exemption. They often think that this is a decision … Continue reading

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It’s OK to ask for help

As I sat in the loft outside my nine-month-old’s bedroom, exhausted from caring for her while recovering from strep throat and a shiny new case of influenza, I was struck by just how difficult it must be for newly-single parents … Continue reading

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News: Divorce Rates Skyrocket in India

The International Herald Tribute runs this story about increasing divorce rates in India, a place where arranged marriages are customary and, historically, long-lasting. The reasons for the increase? Women’s financial independence, weakening of taboos, laws permitting divorce, and Western-style expectations … Continue reading

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Introducing Domestic Partnerships

Last May, we blogged about the passage of a bill granting same-sex Oregon couples many of the rights of heterosexual married couples. After a few hiccups in federal court, Oregon counties are now open to register same-sex couples as domestic … Continue reading

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