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Filing costs for dissolution, custody, and other family law matters

Everyone wants to know how much their family law matter is going to cost. Your legal fees — well, that’s a matter between you and your attorney. Do you need a custody evaluation? That requires a professional, and will cost … Continue reading

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News: Childhood smiling reduces divorce rate later in life

U.S. News and World Report ran an interesting article captioned “Childhood Smiles-or Frowns-and the Risk of Divorce” Researchers compared the intensity of smiles from college students’ yearbook photos and childhood photos, and then compared the intensity of the smiles to … Continue reading

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Divorce Tech: Web cams and long distance parenting

If you move after a divorce or custody case, how can you preserve your relationship with your children? We live in a mobile society. After a divorce case, sometimes parents move across town, to another town, or out of state. … Continue reading

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News: Divorce rate up in China.

China View reports today that China’s civil affair department registered an increase in marriages and divorces in 2007. Approximately 1.4 million couples divorced last year, a year on year increase of 18.2 percent, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. … Continue reading

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