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News: Let’s Stay Together – Article from

As Portland Oregon based divorce lawyers, we talk to a lot of people in Oregon contemplating divorce. Some are sure of what they want and hire us on the spot. Others just want information because they have doubts about their … Continue reading

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Military Divorce Issues – Child Custody and Deployment

Defense Secretary Robert Gates reversed the Pentagon’s prior position and now supports legislation that would prevent service members from losing custody of children solely due to deployment.  Previously the Defense Department had not supported such legislation. This is an interesting … Continue reading

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Investment Firms Financing Divorce Cases

The New York Times ran a fascinating story on December 4, 2010 about investment firms financing legal fees in divorce cases.  The idea is that  parties that can’t afford legal fees get funding to be able to pursue more aggressive … Continue reading

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Multnomah County Family Court now providing help on the web

One of the reasons we provide family law information for free through our blog is to help educate consumers of legal services.  It’s easier helping people that have already done some footwork and have some understanding of the process.  I … Continue reading

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Facebook and Divorce

CNN ran an interesting article captioned “Divorce attorneys catching cheaters on Facebook.” An example given of social media in the courtroom was a lawyer using Facebook data to attack a parent’s credibility as a witness. The parent claimed he didn’t … Continue reading

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Filing Fee Update

A new fee has been added to many family law cases. Effective October 1, 2009, Oregon courts will charge a $10 fee for orders and judgments, including show cause orders.  The fee is due at the time the order or … Continue reading

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Divorce, Custody, and Family Law Filing fee update for Multnomah County

We blogged about the filing fees for divorce, custody, and other family law cases on June 29, 2009. The previous post can be found here. Just to keep us at the Oregon Divorce Blog on our toes, Multnomah County increased … Continue reading

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Long Term Ramifications of Divorce

The New York Times published an article in its Health section regarding how divorce complicates caregiving for parents. The author of the article is a woman whose parents divorce when she was young and then remarried. Now both her parents … Continue reading

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Oregon divorce lawyers and filing fees – strict enforcement

Many divorce filings and motions made by Oregon lawyers require filing fees. Historically our experience has been that courts would extend a courtesy to our peers if they filed a case with the wrong filing fee by calling the lawyer … Continue reading

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NEWS: High end divorce firms report increase in divorce business – couples with assets chosing to divorce now

The American Bar Association posted an interesting article about an increase in business for divorce law firms handling higher end divorce. A link to the article is here. While the news is full of stories about couples postponing divorce in … Continue reading

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