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Enforcement of Personal Property Awards

Over the years helping clients with Oregon divorces, I have heard many people express frustration with their ex not following through on the personal property division. This seems to be much more of a problem in contentious cases.  Judges have a distaste … Continue reading

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Runaway Wives and Dowry Harassment

The Indian court system does not properly recognize divorces issued in the United States.  A divorced wife can flee on her own, or even worse with the parties’ children to India.  Once there, she can file dowry harassment charges against … Continue reading

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Can a parent “take the child and run?”

If a custody matter has not yet been filed, then under Oregon law, the parent with whom the child was living at the time paternity of the child was determined is determined to have legal custody of the child. ORS … Continue reading

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New Case Law – Constructive Trust Over Life Insurance

Clients often feel very upset about having to provide a life insurance policy to secure their spousal or child support obligation. The most common complaint is with regard to the beneficiary designation for securing child support. Generally the other parent … Continue reading

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Top 10 Ways To Get Along And Avoid An Enforcement Action

As a Portland, Oregon based family law firm we field a lot of questions about problems with parenting plans.  We hear questions about  parents not returning the children on time, about sharing transportation after a parent moves a short distance, and about whether the kids have to … Continue reading

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Expedited Parenting Time Enforcement

We previously blogged about contempt of court as a tool for parenting plan violations.  Contempt is a broad remedy for violations of court orders, but is has some shortcomings for enforcing parenting plan violations.  The burden of proof is higher … Continue reading

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Divorce Myth: The Police Will Enforce My Parenting Plan

One “Divorce Myth” we come across is the belief that the police or sheriff will help with parenting time and custody disputes.  We hear stories of parents who call the police if the other parent was late returning a child, only to be … Continue reading

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Contempt Of Court for Parenting Time Violations

As a family law lawyer, I am always surprised how casually some parents take a parenting plan. We hear a lot of stories about the other parent disregarding terms of the parenting plan.  We hear complaints of the other parent … Continue reading

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