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Divorce and Smartphones

The Star Tribune ran an interesting article captioned “Divorce? Hide your smartphone.”  As an Oregon divorce lawyer, the article rang true to me about how much smartphone technology has made previously private conversations public and permanent. Smartphones, texts, Facebook, and GPS … Continue reading

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News: Let’s Stay Together – Article from

As Portland Oregon based divorce lawyers, we talk to a lot of people in Oregon contemplating divorce. Some are sure of what they want and hire us on the spot. Others just want information because they have doubts about their … Continue reading

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Facebook and Divorce

CNN ran an interesting article captioned “Divorce attorneys catching cheaters on Facebook.” An example given of social media in the courtroom was a lawyer using Facebook data to attack a parent’s credibility as a witness. The parent claimed he didn’t … Continue reading

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Facebook and Divorce

Time magazine ran an article on the use of social networking sites like Facebook in divorce cases. The article can be reviewed here. When going through a divorce or custody case it is very important to be careful about what … Continue reading

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Divorce Tech – Family Law Software

As a firm, we are always looking for ways to find an advantage for our clients.  We recently began using a software program called “Family Law Software.”  The program allows us to enter all financial information, including assets, liabilities and … Continue reading

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MTV’s documentary series “True Life” doing show about divorce – Casting call!

As divorce and family lawyers in Portland, Oregon, we see the impact that divorce can have on parents and children.   While our client’s stories are confidential and private, I think a lot of people would benefit from seeing a … Continue reading

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Wiretapping and Child Support

I read a recent article in the LA Times about attorney Terry Christensen, who represented Kirk Kerkorian in his child support case, and his private investigator, Anthony Pellicano.  They were indicted and found guilty on federal wiretapping charges related to … Continue reading

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Divorce Tech: The YouTube Divorce had an interesting post about Phillip Smith’s divorce from his wife, Tricia Walsh-Smith in Manhattan. The case is an example of technology being misused in divorce. Apparently Ms. Walsh-Smith had made a rather embarrassing video about her intimate life … Continue reading

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Divorce Tech: Web cams and long distance parenting

If you move after a divorce or custody case, how can you preserve your relationship with your children? We live in a mobile society. After a divorce case, sometimes parents move across town, to another town, or out of state. … Continue reading

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Divorce Tech: Online parenting class

In our last post we talked about the requirements for talking the local parenting class in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington county. As a divorce lawyer in Portland, Oregon, I frequently consult with parties living outside of Oregon or the United … Continue reading

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