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Born in Connecticut, Jon is a graduate of Columbia University where he majored in Political Science. After working for several years on Wall Street, he went on to the University of Connecticut School of Law where he graduated near the top of his class. Prior to joining the firm, Jon practiced family law at the Washington County office of St. Andrew Legal Clinic.To find out more or contact Jon Berman, visit Stephens & Margolin LLP

Modification of Spousal Support – Part 3 (things to think about)

It is important to note that, in this economy, both the person paying spousal support and the person receiving it can experience a substantial, unanticipated change in circumstances. For example, if the purpose behind an original award to a party … Continue reading

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Modification of Spousal Support – Part 2 (The law)

Oregon law permits courts to modify awards of spousal support upon a showing of a substantial change in circumstances. The party seeking to modify an award carries the burden of proving that such a substantial change has occurred. Typically, courts … Continue reading

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Modification of Spousal Support – Part 1 (a few thoughts)

Though my girlfriend might be insulted to discover that my attention can, in fact, be diverted from the madness of college hoops in March, that’s exactly what happened last Saturday as I watched A.J. Price drain his forth 3-pointer of … Continue reading

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