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By Sean Stephens Google + Sean Stephens is divorce and family law lawyer, and a founding member of Stephens & Margolin LLP He was born in Eugene, Oregon and is a fourth generation Oregonian. Sean Stephens attended the University of Oregon, and graduated in with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with a minor in English Literature. His psychology studies emphasized early childhood development. You can find more about Sean Stephens at Stephens & Margolin LLP Follow him

Saying “I Do” to a Prenuptial Agreement

If you are a newly-engaged couple, you probably don’t want to think about the possibility that one day you and your soon-to-be spouse will divorce, but there is good reason to consider signing a prenuptial agreement. By entering into a … Continue reading

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Top 10 Tips on Redecorating Your Home After Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult process to go through. Remaining in the marital home after a divorce can be emotionally difficult and contribute to lingering hurt feelings. Focusing on the past won’t help, and it is psychologically important to reclaim … Continue reading

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Parenting time: Is sharing the “nest” the best?

Divorce can prompt parents to consider a variety of options when it comes to caring for their children. As divorce attorneys, we regularly see parents weigh the pros and cons of different parenting time arrangements in order to find the … Continue reading

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8 Tips For Surviving A Divorce

Divorce is a legal process with enormous social and personal consequences.  As Portland, Oregon divorce lawyers, we are in the habit of giving legal advice, but in talking to and working with clients have seen some struggle and some thrive … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy and Child Support

As the economy continues to struggle, bankruptcy can become an enticing option to more and more people who are looking for a fresh start. We have found that bankruptcy can pose some interesting questions for those receiving payments from their … Continue reading

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Divorce and Taxes – Claiming the Dependency Exemption

As Portland divorce lawyers, we get a lot of questions from clients about who gets to claim the dependency exemption after divorce.  Who gets to claim the dependency exemption post divorce hinges on who is the “custodial parent.”  The IRS … Continue reading

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New Case Law: US Supreme Court – Due Process and Jail Time For Contempt

The United States Supreme Court issued an oppinion on June 20, 2011 in Turner v. Rogers that touches on self represented litigant’s due process rights in contempt proceedings where jail time is at issue. The Father, Turner,  was ordered to … Continue reading

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Can The Divorce Court Make Me Pay For College?

As a divorce attorney in Portland, Oregon, we get a lot of questions about parent’s obligation for college expenses after a divorce. Can the court make me pay for college? Am I obligated to pay private school tuition? Will the … Continue reading

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Custody Evaluations In Divorce and Parenting Time Cases – An Overview

Many times, parents come to our office with custody and parenting time arrangements already resolved. Other times, parenting time issues can be resolved by the parties in county mediation. So what do you do if you can’ t work a … Continue reading

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Medical Insurance And Divorce

We get a lot of questions in consultations about how divorce affects medical insurance.  Many people do not realize that post-divorce, the non-employed spouse generally loses the coverage they enjoyed while married.  Gaps in coverage can make it very difficult … Continue reading

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