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By Sean Stephens Google + Sean Stephens is divorce and family law lawyer, and a founding member of Stephens & Margolin LLP He was born in Eugene, Oregon and is a fourth generation Oregonian. Sean Stephens attended the University of Oregon, and graduated in with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with a minor in English Literature. His psychology studies emphasized early childhood development. You can find more about Sean Stephens at Stephens & Margolin LLP Follow him

The Gray Divorce Revolution

Divorce rates for 50 plus adults are surging. I noticed from 17 years working as a family law attorney an increase in divorce for those over the age of 50.  I decided to do some research myself and was surprised … Continue reading

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Divorce and Social Security in 10 + year marriages

In meeting with divorcing Oregonians, I get a lot of questions about social security benefits as part of divorce.  Many people don’t know, but if you have been married for at least ten years with your “soon to be ex” … Continue reading

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Divorce and Smartphones

The Star Tribune ran an interesting article captioned “Divorce? Hide your smartphone.”  As an Oregon divorce lawyer, the article rang true to me about how much smartphone technology has made previously private conversations public and permanent. Smartphones, texts, Facebook, and GPS … Continue reading

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What To Do When Your Divorce Is This Weeks News

I get questions from potential and current clients about how to deal with the public knowledge (be it local media, your children’s school, your neighborhood or your friends) that you are going through a divorce. Continue reading

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Enforcement of Personal Property Awards

Over the years helping clients with Oregon divorces, I have heard many people express frustration with their ex not following through on the personal property division. This seems to be much more of a problem in contentious cases.  Judges have a distaste … Continue reading

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Should states make it harder to divorce?

Utah recently voted down a bill that would have created a state mandated barrier to divorce. Representatives killed HB290 , which would have required divorcing couples with children to take a “divorce orientation” class prior to filing. The class is … Continue reading

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Accidentally Omitted Liabilities in Divorce

I prevously blogged about omitted assets, and what the court can do if an asset is  left out of property division.  What do you do if you have an omitted liability in your Oregon divorce vs. an omitted asset?  I advise everyone … Continue reading

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The Benefits Of Cooperating With Your Ex

As a Portland Oregon divorce lawyer, I meet with many parents post divorce that have difficulty getting along with their ex-spouse.  One of the  most stressful events in life is divorce, and it makes sense that divorce would further damage … Continue reading

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To Keep Or Change Last Name?

Are you in the process of a divorce and thinking if you will keep or change your last name? It is a simple process to do as part of a divorce, and harder if you decide to do it after … Continue reading

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Decluttering After The Divorce

I previously blogged about redecorating your house after a divorce, and one of the tips was to get rid of the joint property that had memories attached to it. But how to start getting rid of the property? Rather than … Continue reading

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