Financial Recovery Prompts US Divorce Rebound

The Financial Times reported on April 22nd that the US financial recovery has started to have an impact on divorce filings.  The article noted that many couples had decided to tough it out despite their marital differences during the recession for financial reasons.  Now that the economy is beginning to pickup, those couples are moving forward with their plans to divorce.

There are new issues to consider that were not present prior to the economic downturn.  For example, rather than couples fighting over who gets to keep the home, they are now fighting over who is stuck with it.  These housing issues can also create difficult tax and support considerations. 

In any economic climate, it is crucial to have a legal team that understands the full range of economic realities facing you and your family.  The lawyers at Stephens & Margolin LLP pride themselves on providing such an understanding for their clients.

The Financial Times article can be found here:

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