Case Law – Business Valuation and Goodwill

In December of 2010, the Oregon Court of Appeals decided Slater v. Slater.

The case is very important in business valuations in an Oregon divorce context, as it finally give some clarity in regard to whether or not a non-compete has an impact on the goodwill component of business valuation.   The key finding:  Even if the personal goodwill is transferable, the personal good will is not part of the marital estate IF a non-compete agreement is not in place.  This case provides enormous clarity to the transferable personal goodwill dilemma in Oregon.

It is crucial that litigants who are business owners or are married to business owners have an attorney who understands the ins and outs of business valuation.

The lawyers at Stephens & Margolin LLP have relationships with the top business valuation professionals in Oregon and work with their clients to posture themselves properly when business valuation issues arise in their divorce.

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