Multnomah County Family Court now providing help on the web

One of the reasons we provide family law information for free through our blog is to help educate consumers of legal services.  It’s easier helping people that have already done some footwork and have some understanding of the process.  I was pleased to learn that Multnomah County Family Court is now offering information on thier website that includes:
  1. • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) answered
  2. • Forms
  3. • Referrals for finding legal help
  4. • Resources and materials about family law matters, and
  5. • Links to rules, procedures, and committees that
Under the “Quick Links” box on the right side, click on “Family Court”

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3 Responses to Multnomah County Family Court now providing help on the web

  1. Bonnie Hogeland says:

    I have a 15 year old girl living with our family. She goes to school with my girls. She has been living with me for around a month. Her mother kicked her out. I went to her home to pick her up, which the police where also there and witnessed her mother tell her she can live with me. Well of coarse now the mother wants her back. The girl is refusing to go home because of the mental abuse and much more which i have also witnessed. what can i do legally to keep this little girl in my home. The parents are not going to give custody willing so what can i do?

  2. That was exactly what i was looking for : )
    You have listed some very nice sites here.
    Thanx for sharing this

  3. it sounds like the website of the Multnomah County Family Court is really taking shape.

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