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Guidelines For Parents After Divorce

How you act after divorce has a significant influence on the emotional adjustment of your children.  After 16 years of helping Oregon parents during and after divorce, I have seen divorced parents behave in ways  both helpful and harmful to … Continue reading

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Can Custody Be Decided Before The Rest Of My Divorce?

Some Oregon divorce clients ask about getting a final resolution on custody before completing the resolution of other issues (like property division and support).  ORS 107.105(1)(a) provides in part that the court ” may hold a hearing to decide the … Continue reading

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Modifying Spousal Support – A Quick Summary

Can I modify my spousal support payment? As Oregon divorce lawyers, we have been getting more and more questions in this economy about if spousal support can be reduced, increased, extended, or even reinstated.  A summary of the law is … Continue reading

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Top 5 Things to Look For In an Oregon Divorce Lawyer If You Live Out Of State

We’ve seen an increase in the number of clients needing divorce help who are working out of Oregon or out of country.  If your spouse has lived in Oregon for 6 months, Oregon has jurisdiction over your marital status, even … Continue reading

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Investment Firms Financing Divorce Cases

The New York Times ran a fascinating story on December 4, 2010 about investment firms financing legal fees in divorce cases.  The idea is that  parties that can’t afford legal fees get funding to be able to pursue more aggressive … Continue reading

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New Caselaw – PERS benefit estimates

When PERS retirement benefits are being divided in a divorce there are at least two issues that the divorcing spouse needs to be aware of: 1.  You cannot rely on a PERS benefit estimate created by PERS.  The court of … Continue reading

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New Case Law – NO Attorney Fees in Denial of Petition for Review

The Oregon Supreme Court recently ruled in both Polacek and Polacek and Bolte and Bolte, family law cases which were both decided on December 2, 2010, that the court does not have the statutory authority to award fees to a … Continue reading

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Divorce Judgment Timing and Tax Filing Status

When representing clients with Oregon divorce cases, we get a lot of questions about divorce and tax filings.   There seems to be a lot of confusion about when you can file jointly with a spouse and when you can … Continue reading

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The immediate danger statutes – emergency custody and parenting time

As Oregon divorce and family law lawyers, we talk to a lot of parents who want an immediate change of custody or immediate suspension of parenting time.  It can be frustrating to learn that it  generally takes weeks or months … Continue reading

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Overprotective Parenting – Impact on Child Custody Proceedings

The November isse of the American Bar Association Journal had an interesting article on overprotective parents.  The article says that psychologists are concerned that overprotective parents often leave a child without an independent outlet.  Interestingly, from a legal perspective in … Continue reading

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