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What do you have to show to get a restraining order?

This post is the second in our series on Oregon’s “Family Abuse Prevention Act” restraining orders. The first post was on who is eligible to get a restraining order. See previous post here. This post is about what you have … Continue reading

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Who can get a restraining order?

As Portland based family law lawyers, we field a lot of questions about restraining orders under Oregon’s “Family Abuse Prevention Act.”  Many are interested in getting help and keeping an abusive partner or household member away. Others have been served … Continue reading

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New Case Law – Can I move with my child?

A common question that new clients come to my office is with is either can I move with the children or my ex-spouse has told me that she is going to move with the children and what can I do?  … Continue reading

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Filing Fee Update

A new fee has been added to many family law cases. Effective October 1, 2009, Oregon courts will charge a $10 fee for orders and judgments, including show cause orders.  The fee is due at the time the order or … Continue reading

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Divorce and separations can send pets into legal limbo

Dan Margolin is quoted in Jacques Von Lunen’s artice in the Oregonian published on September 8th 2009. The full article can be found here: The article discusses how pets are treated in divorce cases.

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New Case Law – Spousal Support Amount and Disability Income

As a Portland Oregon divorce law firm, Stephens & Margolin LLP is dedicated to keeping up to date on Oregon Court of Appeals and Oregon Supreme Court opinions. As a service of The Oregon Divorce Blog, we will be providing … Continue reading

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Divorce, Custody, and Family Law Filing fee update for Multnomah County

We blogged about the filing fees for divorce, custody, and other family law cases on June 29, 2009. The previous post can be found here. Just to keep us at the Oregon Divorce Blog on our toes, Multnomah County increased … Continue reading

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Long Term Ramifications of Divorce

The New York Times published an article in its Health section regarding how divorce complicates caregiving for parents. The author of the article is a woman whose parents divorce when she was young and then remarried. Now both her parents … Continue reading

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New Case Law – Paternity

On July 15, 2009, the Court of Appeals ruled in the case of Shineovich and Kemp, in which the Petitioner challenged the constitutionality of tow statutes under which a married man is deemed to be the legal parent of children born to his wife. Continue reading

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Text Messages as Evidence

Wired Magazine printed a short article on the use of text messages in divorce cases. The article is on page 28 of the August 2009 Issue.  The articles quotes Gabriel Cheong, a Boston divorce lawyer as follows:  “In most states, … Continue reading

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