Child Support and Boxing

Evander Holyfield settled his child support case against one of the many mothers of his children by agreeing to set aside $100,000 in a college fund for his 10-year-old son.  Holyfield also consented to pay private school tuition before college, reinstated health insurance for his son and settled $4,500 in attorney fees.  He was facing potential jail time for his failure to pay support.

In Oregon, a court cannot force a parent to agree to pay for private school tuition.  Often times, parties will agree to split the cost of private school tuition if they reach a settlement outside of court.  Private school tuition, with the exception of cases where a parent proves that private school is a medical necessity for a child, is not included in child support calculations. 

It is sad to see that the once great Holyfield has fallen so far.

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  1. In New York, the court may have the discretion to order a monied spouse to pay for private school if the children were attending private schools before the divorce. But as a general rule, it would have to be something the parties agree to. So I am surprised that Hollyfield was forced to pony up the money for private schools. And as far as college, that is usually based on the State University of New York tuition. In a high net worth situation where the parties are college educated, this might be different. But usually this issue is by agreement and the other party is not forced into paying for private school education whether college, or elementary or otherwise. This is an issue I want to tackle soon on my divorce law blog, Divorce Saloon. Because it is an interesting and somewhat controversial one.

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  2. mike says:

    Can you direct me to information supporting the fact that “In Oregon, a court cannot force a parent to agree to pay for private school tuition.”

  3. It sounds like Evander stepped up big in this case.

  4. …Oklahoma family law is the same way, our judges do not have the jurisdiction to order parents to pay private school tuition.

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