New Resource for Divorcing Women

Check out the Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide for wonderful interviews with attorneys, articles, and resources!

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  1. Jeaneece says:

    Can anybody please tell me what action I need to take if my spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers? He abandoned his family nearly six years ago and has refused to pay any child support or sign the divorce decree in fear of having to pay child support. My spouse is currently out of the country (In Canada) and he feels he is imune from his responsibilities. My fiancee of four years has great benefits and my daughter needs emergency dental work and I simply cannot make it on my own. My fiance (bless his heart) helps offset the cost by helping me with my bills. My daughter can get immediate medical and dental coverage once I remarry. I am between a rock and a hard place. Any ideas would be grateful.

  2. This is some very helpful information – thanks for sharing.

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