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Top 10 list: Top 10 things to NOT do during your divorce.

Divorce is not easy. There are many pitfalls and traps awaiting parties that have not educated themselves about the process. People often make bad decisions under stress, or without the guidance of an experienced lawyer. Don’t be one of them. … Continue reading

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The easy divorce – the “Settlement Package.”

Divorce can be a long, emotionally difficult and challenging process. It can also be relatively easy if you have a complete understanding of your finances, have a semi-cooperative spouse, and are willing to invest some money and effort early on. … Continue reading

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Divorce Myths: Divorce always takes a long time.

Some divorces do take many months, or over a year, but this is a result of the process and conflicts and not mandated by the divorce statutes. The length of your case usually depends on how your case resolves. Many … Continue reading

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New Case Law: Bankruptcy and divorce don’t mix well.

On December 5, 2007, the Oregon Court of Appeals in Cam and Cam, _____ Or App _____ (2007) upheld a trial court’s ruling setting aside a divorce judgment, but said the court got the result right but the reasons wrong. … Continue reading

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10 things to do if you are going to get divorced.

There is no substitute for planning, and planning for your divorce can make the process go smother, lower your lawyers fees, and help ensure you emerge on the other end of the case ready to move forward, and with the … Continue reading

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New Case Law: Restraining orders, easy to get, but harder to keep?

Oregon’s “Family Abuse Prevention Act” protects victims of domestic violence and allows victims of recent abuse to obtain protection from an abuser. ORS 107.700 et seq. While this is a necessary and valuable statute, it is also frequently misused as … Continue reading

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News: How not to pay child support

The Oregonian reports that a Washington man has been accused of running an Internet prostitution ring in order to make payments on his child support — for his eight children (by seven women). The man allegedly advertised on Craigslist. While … Continue reading

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Coordinating Parenting Time After Judgment – Part II

We already posted about coordinating parenting time post judgment. (see post here) Managing children’s schedules is difficult when everyone is together and lives under the same roof. It can be almost impossible, even in a cooperative case, if the parents are … Continue reading

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Out of State: Can Oregon modify my custody judgment?

We already blogged about whether Oregon has the power to make an initial custody determination. (See the post) But what if you already have a custody judgment from another state? Can Oregon modify it? What if your ex moves to … Continue reading

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Out of State: Can Oregon hear my custody case?

Going through a custody dispute is never easy, and becomes even harder when the parties and children live in different states. Should you file here? Should you file where the other parent lives? What if the other parent files a … Continue reading

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