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At Stephens & Margolin LLP we strive to have an open relationship with our clients.  It is crucial to the lawyer client relationship that financial arrangements are well understood between the parties.  Stephens & Margolin LLP is a law firm that strives to provide efficient and productive representation.  We invite our clients to discuss in detail their billing statements and never charge a client for those discussions. The lawyers and paralegals at Stephens & Margolin LLP charge the following rates:

Daniel Margolin and C. Sean Stephens, Partners $415 per hour
Kaori Tanabe, Partner $315 per hour
Alecia Darm, Associate $255 per hour
Erin Holbrook Johnson, Associate $195 per hour
Chelsea Hickok, Associate $225 per hour
Paralegals $165 per hour
Contract Attorneys Depends on complexity of work

New clients meet with an attorney for an intake consultation prior to retaining the firm. The consultation is billed at the hourly rate listed above in six-minute increments for both the initial consultation and ongoing work. Should you decide to retain our firm after meeting with an attorney, we will request a retainer to be deposited into our trust account. The retainer amount is based on the complexity and anticipated requirements of your case. The retainer is held in trust by our office and is used to pay for any fee or cost incurred. Fees include, among other tasks, any attorney’s, law clerk’s or legal assistant’s time spent on your case. The most common expense costs incurred in a case are court filing fees, large copying projects, messenger services, postage, subpoena fees and process server fees. Your case may require that Stephens & Margolin LLP hire other professionals to assist in the evaluation and or trial of your case. This may include the services of an appraiser, accountant, parenting time evaluator or other expert. We will require that you provide the funds necessary to pay for the services of these professionals in advance. Stephens & Margolin LLP keeps clients apprised of the work done on their case and costs of such services by issuing bi-monthly comprehensive invoices. Any questions or concerns regarding billing should be directed tobilling@stephensmargolin.com. We do not charge for billing inquiries either before or during a case. If you have questions regarding a specific charge, our billing department can best help you if you mark your statement and return a copy of it with your payment for the amount not in question. At the completion of your case any unused portions of your retainer is returned to you. If the requested retainer has been depleted prior to completion of your case the attorney will request additional monies be deposited into the trust account. If additional work is done without a retainer, payment is due upon receipt of your bill. If your bill is not paid in its entirety the bill accrues late fees at a rate of 18% per annum (1.5% per month) on all charges 30 days past due. For your convenience Stephens & Margolin LLP, now accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS. As part of our normal procedure, Stephens & Margolin LLP, will invoke its statutory right to place an attorney lien on any money judgment or personal property awarded to you for any balance due our firm.