Sean Stephens


Sean Stephens is a founding member of Stephens & Margolin LLP He was born in Eugene, Oregon and is a fourth generation Oregonian.

Mr. Stephens attended the University of Oregon, and graduated in with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with a minor in English Literature. His psychology studies emphasized early childhood development.

Mr. Stephens attended Willamette College of Law in Salem, Oregon, and graduated in 1994.  Mr. Stephens worked in private practice prior to co-founding Stephens & Margolin LLP which is devoted to the practice of family law. Mr. Stephens taught family law at the College of Legal Arts, located in Portland, Oregon.

“Everyone is subject to the same laws, but there are many things that can be done to maximize client results. I identify client objectives early in a case, and lay out a roadmap with the client towards the desired goal. Our clients expect and deserve excellence, and I am tuned in to my clients’ expectations regarding both professional representation and personal attention from day one.  From the moment I first meet with a client, the whole firm is there to accomplish their goals. Period.”

Mr. Stephens enjoys spending time with his children, an active yoga practice, racing (hood to coast, warrior dash, turkey trot, tough mudder), budokon, and Portland’s food scene. He also enjoys writing for the Oregon Divorce Blog and the Oregon Collaborative Law blog, which are free information service on divorce, family law, and collaborative law.

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