Kaori Tanabe Eder


Ms. Tanabe was born in Japan but reared in Colombia. She is fluent in English, Spanish and can speak Japanese proficiently. Ms. Tanabe came to the United States to play Tennis in 2000. She attended the University of Portland, graduating maxima cum laude (top 3%) where she majored in Political Science, and played tennis for the university’s team. After completing her bachelor degree, she went on to the Lewis and Clark Law School. Prior to joining Stephens & Margolin LLP, Ms. Tanabe practiced family law at St. Andrew Legal Clinic for three and a half years.

Zealous representation is Ms. Tanabe’s motto. Every case is different, and each case has its own challenges. Ms. Tanabe helps her clients overcome their challenges with candid advice and zealous representation. Ms. Tanabe is a compassionate attorney, but she also has the ability to give objective advice to her clients so that the best results can be reached. Ms. Tanabe understands the impact that a divorce process has on the family and that it is important to minimize negative effects, particularly when there are children involved. At times, however, aggressive litigation is necessary and during the court proceeding, Ms. Tanabe uses this strategy to accomplish her clients’ goals. She works closely with her clients to jointly decide the most appropriate means to use to reach the best results for her clients.

Ms. Tanabe is spontaneous, and enjoys doing new and different things. During her free time, she likes to travel, to spend time with friends, bake, play kickball, exercise and to try new restaurants.