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Review for services rendered by Sean Stephens
Mr. Sean Stephens is: • Highly efficient and effective in reaching a settlement. • Able to identify the sticking points of conflict and resolve them quickly. • An excellent negotiator and making the other party comply. • Very articulate and respected by both the Judge and opposing counsel. • Clearly acknowledges your objectives and gives you solution(s) and the process to obtain them. • Very reasonably priced and doesn’t nickel and dime you for little things. • Has real empathy for your situation and is your champion. • Most creative with his solution(s) and explains the benefit of using them. I can safely recommend Sean Stephens 100% to anyone going through a divorce, and have done so. I unfortunately had to pay 2 attorneys because I did not start with Mr. Stephens. If I had, I would have saved about $20000.00 minimum not including trial costs. In my case, I was dealing with a party refusing to comply, communicate, or be reasonable. I’m sure everyone says that, but when the opposing party is using legal aid, there are no monetary consequences for; irrational behavior, delay tactics, lying to the court, failure to produce basic discovery documents, or ability to recapture unreasonable legal fees arising from the above actions due to income status. You can imagine how frustrating the divorce process can reach in little time. My case had a prenup and simple calculations for child support and could have been resolved quickly if not for the above reasons. The first attorney was unable to set mediation for 4 months with 8 requests, obtain complete discovery documents, and identify what the opposing side’s big issues were, leaving me clueless and in fear with a huge meter running all the time. In less than 1 week Mr. Stephens had mediation set, met with opposing council, and identified exactly what the issues were so we could proceed. In 1 month we had resolution and adverted trial. He was so effective, that if the opposing side had not signed the divorce decree, the judge agreed to sign off on it herself in 2 weeks. That made an impression on me. Mr. Stephens was able to remove the choke hold on the process and force resolution where a contemporary (Super Lawyer) could not. My case may sound so simple, but it was extremely complex, and had huge consequences if not done correctly. As a man and a father, the court system is very much stacked in the mothers favor by default. It is nearly impossible to get legal, and or physical custody of a child. Yet, Mr. Stephens’s creativity gave me what I needed to protect my son without a trial, or even a dispute by the other party. They say that the measure of a truly fair divorce is when both parties are miserable. Considering the unfair advantage of the opposite side using legal aid with a flat fixed retainer, costs mounting on me by the hour, I can undeniably say, “I’m Happy!” Will you be able to say the same?

Mr. Hoffman 1/10/13


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