More than just an Attorney

As a young mother, I struggled to hold onto the only thing I found dear to me. I worked hard to provide for my daughter a home during a time where I should have been discovering myself. I was taken advantage of by the one person I loved and trusted, when I was left to pick up the broken pieces alone, I had a fight on two fronts as my ex’s parents tried to take my baby girl away from me, holding her hostage and disallowing me to even see her when they had no right.

When I decided to fight, I did my research and spoke to people about who I should trust with my case. I was given several names, but the only one who really connected with me was Sean Stephens. I was right to name him Champion of my cause, because honestly, that is who he is.

Sean was with me every step of the way, when I was scared, he gave me confidence. When I made mistakes, he helped me see them and advised me on how to do things right. I was bullied by those who opposed us, but he was there, taking the brunt of it for me. His attitude and his humanity was only overshadowed by his expertise.

I was afraid all of those legal documents were going to eat me alive, however Stephens and his team were so knowledgeable and precise they explained everything to me in an easy to digest way that made those overwhelming papers seem like lunch. Everything they did was prompt, even when I panicked and called him on his vacation, they all responded in kind with dedication. I never had to question their work and all progression felt just like that, progression.

During my case, I ended up running out of funds. Sean had gotten the short end of the stick and it seemed like my ex was never going to pay court ordered Attorney fees. I did my best to make payments on his invoice and we kept in communication the entire time. I feel like it was a difficult situation for him but he remained my attorney to the end. It’s not about how much you pay per hour, it’s about how good they really are. They have all earned that.

Even to this day, he is happy to take my calls and absolutely ready to fight for me anytime. It has been an honor to write this review for him and the least he deserves for all he had done.

I still owe you that beer.

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