Look No Further.. You’ve Found Him!

Dan and Amy Nourse (associate attorney), both handled my entire divorce proceedings with compassion and proficiency. They are both well respected attorneys amongst their peers and circuit judges alike, which is a very important factor in deciding representation. Both consistently show their compassion and respect for their clients, whom like me, often are very anxious and uncertain of what their future might look like. What i needed, being a father of two precious small children, was reassurance that my rights would be protected, and that my attorney, “Had my back.” Having the opportunity to work directly with Dan and Amy, I can tell you that they were 100% committed to the best service one could expect. I’m proud to support this firm, and Dan’s venture to establish his outstanding firm, along with Sean Stephens. I had a very successful outcome and confidently can attest to the fact that I had superior counsel through Dan and Amy, both. All I can say is, “You won’t be dissapointed if you need the absolute best at having an efficient team to calm the inherent storm of divorce.”


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