I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me regarding my case

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me regarding my case. From the moment you accepted me into your practice many years ago, I had immediately felt my legal issues were in good hands. When Shannon referred me to you, I believe you knew that taking on my case was going to be complicated. Your commitment to me as your client was outstanding and never faltered, even in the most difficult phases of litigation that occurred. You never once made a decision without me being involved. The legal advice I received from you was very focused, always well thought out and sound. I appreciate you as an Attorney and as a person. You gave me respect as your client and as a Father. The most important people in the world to me are my children. With your legal expertise, I was given back something that was unjustly attempted to be taken from me, my Father's rights. Our children are. gifts from God, just on loan for a while. It is a true privilege and an honor for me to be a parent. Within that small amount of time we have with them, we must make the most of it. My time was getting prematurely cut short due to vindictiveness, selfishness and false pretenses. With the many lost battles I incurred the winning of the war occurred in the same courtroom it all started at, that of Judge Lewis. Ironically that date was my wedding anniversary. Had I been fortunate enough to have had you as my counsel from the beginning I truly believe my divorce would have been a straight forward ordeal. The integrity and honor that you brought to the table in court with your litigation skills were very impressive, second to none. I must admit it was a total joy watching you litigate in action. I never had a doubt as to the outcome, meaning that all the nonsense was going to stop for me and the kids, finally. You gave me the best anniversary gift I could ever have, my final freedom from her and my legal right to
continue being a Father.

You are a fine man from a fine family. I thank you for your generosity and everything you have done for
me. May God bless you and your family!

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