I hired the best‎‎

Mine was proving to be a contentious divorce, with a wife filing claims of fraud against both her and the courts. Dan Margolin took one look at her pleadings and accompanying affidavit and said right then he will destroy their case. AND HE DID JUST THAT. Dan Margolin knows divorce law! I can’t adequately explain how his representation of me gave me the confidence I needed at a time when I felt most vulnerable. My wife ended up firing her attorney and wishing she had hired Stephens and Margolin first. I can’t thank them enough for the quality of their handling of my case. I was fully informed at even juncture. I was fully prepared for every discovery and filing. Every option was explained and every advantage sought. I even paid less than my wife paid for her lawyer and she ended up in frustration firing hers. Dan and Sean are the best!


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