Absolutely Amazing!

Dan was absolutely amazing during the process of my Premarital Agreement. My fiance and I love each other very much but we are older and have worked hard to get the things we have in life. Signing a premarital agreement completely takes the romance out of getting married and can be a pretty gut wrenching experience, for those in love. Dan was not only great about trying to get it done as quickly as possible, but amazing at explaining things and he always kept my head in the right place. Helping me to see all the good coming out the agreement and how fair my fiance was trying to be. He explained how if there ever was a divorce the courts already have a agreement in place and that we were just taking more control by making it our own. He worked with us together to make sure he was understanding both sides. We were able to come up with a agreement that was fair, even though we both hope to never see it again. Thank you Dan for all your compassion and hard work.

A Prenuptial Client

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